Alex Delisse

Service & Maintenance Technician

If there is anyone who knows the products of IVS Dosing Technology, then that is surely Alex Delisse. He has been employed here as a service and maintenance technician since 2014. He has also been involved in the development and testing of new products.
  • 2014
  • Workshop

In what way have you been involved in product development?

I work very closely with the Research & Development department. Step by step, we have developed the Powli concept: an innovative dosing unit. ‘Every wire, screw and pipe incorporated in this innovative machine, is etched in my memory. Besides, working on new products is always a challenge to me. I can get totally involved in the work I do.

What would you say is characteristic of IVS?

Entrepreneurship is always valued highly and encouraged. If they so wish, all employees are encouraged to take the time and space to develop themselves further. In my role, I enjoy the variety. Testing new applications in the workshop in Veghel is an important part of my work. But also problem-solving if there’s a problem at the plant. Sometimes, a problem can be easily fixed. Other times, it can be quite a puzzle. Personal contact is very important in my profession: by talking with a production assistant or manager, for example, or asking a few specific questions, I can quickly work towards finding the right solution. Acting quickly is very important: a machine standstill always costs money. 



Why do you work for IVS Dosing Technology?

You can compare IVS with a famous car manufacturer: we make top quality products for the premium market segment. And this requires the right attitude. The bar here has been set really high - every day. And I’m a perfectionist. That matches well with the high standard applied by IVS. Delivering quality is house rule number 1.  This is only possible when all links in the company work well together, from engineer to director. 

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