Elze Tutelaers

HR professional

After working for more than 9 years in the temporary employment sector, Elze made the switch to IVS in 2017 to start setting up HR there. How did she come to this choice?
  • 2017
  • HR

Why did you switch to HR and how did you end up at IVS?

I have followed an education at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht and after that, like many fellow students, I entered the temporary employment sector. I have been able to continue to grow from consultant to manager and in recent years I have noticed that the development of employees gave me a lot of satisfaction. For 5 years I occasionally came to IVS to discuss matters with regard to the staff. At a certain moment it became clear to me that Frank was looking for someone for all matters related to HR. I only had to think about it for 1 day, because this is what I really wanted to do!

How do you like the HR profession so far?

Very much! Every day you are the link between employees and management and you can advise both parties on all kinds of different issues. In addition I am also involved with all facets of HR in the field of inflow, throughflow and outflow and everything that comes along with it. I am responsible for the recruitment and selection of new employees, I can contribute to the development of employees by thinking about the training or courses to be followed and if an employee leaves our organization I ensure that everything is handled in a proper manner. My job is so very diverse!

As an HR professional, how would you describe IVS as an employer?

It’s for a good reason that I started working at IVS, because it was my best customer when I was still working at the employment agency! IVS is a very people-oriented organization that puts employees first. It is a family business and that is the best description of the atmosphere: familial. Employees form a close team and all have the same goal: to make IVS even better than it already is. And we all do that together. There is a good balance between working hard and the necessary relaxation on Friday afternoons or during staff outings.

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