Frank Dielissen

Managing director

Together with co- managing director Hans den Otter, managing director Frank Dielissen is responsible for the daily management of IVS Dosing Technology. "Delivering quality is the key within our company, as we both constantly advocate."
  • 1994
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Huge development

IVS Dosing Technology has evolved considerably since 1987: in a niche market, we have grown from a one-man enterprise to become a serious and successful international business which now has 25 employees.  My father and founder of the company, Jo Dielissen, started the business in the garage behind the house.  Now, the construction of a new IVS building has started on the industrial estate ‘Doornhoek’ in Veghel. In the near future, our building plot will be some 6000m2 and the new building will be approximately two and a half times the size of our current premises. 

The strength of IVS Dosing Technology

Over the years, we have become increasingly more professional.  This is our tremendous strength. The foundation of our company is to deliver quality, time after time.  This quality is reflected in our products and our methods.  The main success factor are the employees of IVS Dosing Technology.   They design, create and install the products. 

From technical installation firm to knowledge centre.

We are presenting ourselves more and more as an innovative partner and knowledge centre.  Increasingly, clients come to us from inside and outside the industry for advice.  Of course, we come across all sorts of things in our field of work which we believe could be done much better. But external factors also play a role. As an enterprise, we are stimulated by developments that take place in the feed sector:  Cost reduction, sustainability issues on the part of our clients and corporate, social responsibility are also the starting points for our company when it comes to product development.

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