In order to add micro-components to mixed feed, IVS Dosing Technology developed the POWLI MC. This machine variant makes it possible to add different micro-components in the production process. The huge advantage of the POWLI MC is that these additives are dosed on a coater instead of in the mixer, and processed directly in the final product. This means that there is no cross-contamination. Moreover, because the products are metred last of all in the post-processing process, rinsing the entire production line is unnecessary.


POWLI AC IVS Dosing Technology

Benefits of the POWLI MC

  • No contamination in the production line
  • No storage and processing of the contaminated product required
  • Very precise dosing of microcomponents
  • Added product is always fresh
  • Dosing from 100 grams possible
  • Dosing accuracy of 1 gram

Other benefits of the POWLI MC

In addition, the deployment of the POWLI MC creates benefits for business operations in the production plant. Energy consumption drops and there are significantly fewer CO2 emissions.


POWLI MC in your production plant?

The POWLI MC is an investment that is guaranteed to be recovered. The POWLI MC is a stand-alone system which is relatively easy to integrate (with minimal effort) into a production process. Do you want to make your production plant more efficient and more effective? Feel free to contact us for an appointment. We will be happy to tell you what benefits this system will have for your production plant.

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