Liquid dosing

IVS Dosing Technology is specialised in the production of liquid dosing systems for continuous and batch processes. In the compound feedstuffs industry, the addition of liquids is an important step in the production process. It ensures that compound feedstuffs producers can react better and faster to the demands of their customers by adding the right liquids.

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Ease of operation

Liquid dosing is popular. It is easily adaptable to different industries and less labour-intensive for producers. The design, manufacture and installation of the complete system forms part of IVS Dosing Technology's core activities. Ease of operation, ease of maintenance and other needs and wishes of the customer are always paramount here. Reason enough for us to expressly involve your technical and production staff in the entire process.

Flexibility in production

With the liquid dosing systems from IVS, you are flexible in your production because you can set your own specifications and therefore react better and faster to the demands of your customers. Dosing is performed by weighing or measuring. IVS Dosing Technology therefore supplies and installs the whole dosing system. Liquid dosing can also be employed on mixers, coaters, conveyors, fill pipes, double doors, extruders, compacters, etc.

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