Insulation plays an essential role in many industrial processes. In order that the process runs correctly, it is crucial that the product specifications remain within defined limits. Temperature is an important parameter here.

Maximum profitability thanks to insulation

Apart from the right pipework isometrics and installation, pipework insulation plays an important role. Pipework insulation ensures i.a. reduced heat losses. It ensures the correct functioning of the installation and thus contributes to efficient plant operation. As a result, maximum profitability of the process installation over its economic life cycle is guaranteed – without unnecessary losses due to faults.


Demands on pipework

In the process industry, the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of the pipework are important factors. Pipework systems must furthermore contribute functionally to the process control and be mechanically suitable for the specific operating environment. Thermal pipework insulation plays a significant role in meeting these demands.


Functions of heat insulation

  • Reduction of heat losses
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Protection against freezing
  • Process control: Guaranteeing a stable process temperature
  • Noise reduction
  • Prevention of condensation
  • Protection (of persons) from high temperatures
  • Cost savings

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