Bert van den Nieuwenhof

insulation Fitter

Insulation is specialised work. It plays an important role in projects for IVS. Without insulation, a production plant would be less efficient and not as safe. Insulation is the finishing touch. “You always notice that we have been at work," says Bert van den Nieuwenhof. We ask him three questions about his work.
  • 2011
  • IVS Insulation

What does your work actually involve? 

"IVS lays various types of pipes for transporting steam or liquids. The fluid lines are traced and insulated, keeping the  temperature constant. If it gets too cold, liquids  can solidify as they pass through the pipes. We insulate steam pipes to ensure safety and save energy; the temperatures here can be extremely high. Coolers are also insulated to prevent condensation. We work all over the Netherlands and sometimes abroad, too. Our most recent foreign project was in the Bröring plant in Germany.  But there are also days when I'm busy on the work floor helping my colleague Gijs to get things ready for insulation work on location.”

You have been working for IVS for the last five years. What did you do before this?

"I also worked for an insulation company, but that was in another business sector, mainly for schools and hospitals. That was certain very different to the production plants making compound feeds where I come now.   It was purely by chance that I came to work at IVS. I heard on the grapevine that they were looking for people. I went for an interview and it seemed to offer a great challenge. Going from a clean, sterile environment in a hospital to work in a production plant is a world of difference. I have never had any regrets, right until the present day.”

What makes your work enjoyable?

“The results - you always notice that we have been at work. What's more, I like the variety between new buildings and existing buildings. New buildings are nice and easy to insulate, you can work happily in nice, quiet surroundings. It is more difficult to insulate existing plants. The production processes are in full swing and you have to crawl under and over everything. Sometimes, I literally have to squeeze into spaces  to be able to reach things. It is hard, physically-demanding work. But it always gives a real kick when we have finished the job. I enjoy going to work every day." 

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