Bor Godding

backoffice commercial assistant

I've been with IVS since 2011. There's always something going on at IVS. Every project is unique because produce only to order. In my function I have a great deal of freedom and I can take decisions on a lot of things independently. That is really typical of our company. There is no hierarchy, we all put our shoulders to the wheel together every day!
  • 2011
  • project office

What does your job involve?

Working in sales support, I prepare a lot of things for the project managers and the management. My background is as work planner in a technical plant, but because IVS Dosing Technology is a medium-sized enterprise, I am really involved in far much more. One of my key areas is ICT. In my early days with IVS, I paid a great deal of attention to establishing the organisation in SAP. A well-organised ICT landscape forms an important basis for the growth of the company.

What makes working at IVS so cool?

There is a really good working atmosphere in the company. It is a family-owned business, and you feel that throughout the company. We are all willing to support each other and we all put our shoulders to the wheel. We celebrate successes together because they represent the success of the company as a whole. We always set ourselves high standards. That means working hard and facing up to new challenges every day. We never like to say "No". All the products and services that we supply with IVS Dosing Technology are always of excellent quality, inside and out. My job is very diverse: No two days are ever the same. At the same time I have an enormous amount of freedom and can decide a lot of things myself. I notice that this makes me very happy.

How do you see the future of IVS?

The company is extremely ambitious. We are starting to build a new plant in mid-2015. We will then have a workshop of 2350 m2. Just to give you an idea: That is roughly three times the size of the whole site that we occupy at the moment. I'm really looking forward to it. Of course that will bring us new challenges again. But we will tackle them with both hands. The focus for the coming years lies on the expansion of Service & Maintenance, on worldwide acquisition and on the management of projects. Bring it on: We are ready!

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