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The first edition of Feed Forward, a live event initiated by the Triott group, was broadcast on 19 May. In view of the fact that almost all stock exchanges have been moved or cancelled due to the corona crisis, the Triott group looked into ways to stay in touch with its existing and possibly new relations. And a series of online events was set up for that purpose. We call these "Webazines". An interactive English-language video magazine that focuses on innovations, smart solutions and current themes. Our customers’ issues and challenges are central here. As with any first edition, it is always very exciting if everything goes as hoped. The first topic was: "Say goodbye to sieve analysis?" where the Graincam by Ottevanger Milling Engineers was put in the spotlight as a novel item. So, the live broadcast was made from the production location in Moerkapelle (Dutch Province of South Holland). The first impressions of visitors to the live chat were very positive and people found the broadcast both informative and educational. All in all, this was a successful first edition, which brought up some nice learning points that we can use in future to help us create even better looking and improved follow-up productions from other companies in the Triott Group.  The next broadcast is scheduled for broadcasting from TSC in Aalten on 7 July and will cover Smart Storage Capacities. 

IVS Dosing Technology will also participate in Feed Forward later this year. The current plan is that the POWLI, which we developed, will be the central theme. This broadcast will come from the innovation centre Feed Design Lab in Wanssum and our POWLI located there will be featured prominently. POWLI stands for POWder to LIquid, and it is the solution against carry-over. Would you like to know more? If so, please click here.

Would you still like to watch the broadcast with the Graincam? If so, just click this link



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