IVS crosses borders

Recently, our colleagues Gert-Jaap Dekker and Hans den Otter visited customers and business relations in Ireland, England and Uzbekistan. Read about their findings here.

Our senior account manager Gert-Jaap Dekker visited Ireland and England in September and October and discussed the steam dosing process at various compound feed plants. This was properly regulated in many facilities, but efficiently dispensing the right amount of steam produced is often quite a challenge. By installing the correct IVS Steam Set, it is possible to optimise the steam path. This ultimately enables a 20% to 30% higher press capacity. The visits were much appreciated, because that is precisely when our expertise and the value we add can be used to make a difference.  

In September, technical director Hans den Otter was in Uzbekistan to visit IVS customers and give on-the-spot advice. The focus of the visit was on the enzyme dosing plants at various production sites. By checking the installations and their automated processes, Hans was able to advise the customer on how to use them even more optimally. Improvements were also made to the dosing installation during his visit. The mechanical modifications were done on location, and adjustments to the automation were made online by our sister company Inteqnion from Aalten. The installations are now completely up to date and ready for the future.



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