IVS installs dry fire suppression system at De Heus in Ravenstein

IVS Dosing Technology also supplies dry fire suppression systems, including all necessary inspection reports. Recently we installed the systems at one of our very first customers, De Heus in Ravenstein. On the outside of the factory we installed an exterior housing labelled, 'dry fire suppression system'. The housing has a lock requiring a triangular socket key. A DN 80 norm steel dry fire suppression system was installed in the stairwell leading from this intake point. The connection has a so-called Storz coupling with sealing cap.

The dry fire suppression system DN 80 in the stairwell is equipped with eight connection points (with sealing caps) for connecting a fire hose. An air vent is installed at the highest point of the pipe. When started up, the air vent opens and air flows out through the valve until water reaches the air vent. It then closes and the system is fully pressurized. After installation, the dry fire suppression system was pressure tested and De Heus received the required inspection reports.



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