IVS Smart steam dosing unit - An innovative and intelligent solution

Steam dosing is a vital step in many production processes. The quality of the wet, saturated steam supplied is an important factor. 

Utilising smart data obtained using the right measurement points gives users a simple tool that provides insight into the quality of the steam process. This enables any bottlenecks in the process to be anticipated sooner. The smart steam dosing unit offers many insights into the quality of the steam network. From the obtained information, we provide recommendations on how to optimise the steam process. The remote terminal unit allows different steam processes at different sites to be compared.  


  • Available in capacities of 130 kg/h to 2750 kg/h 
  • Insulation finished with smooth or stucco embossed aluminium sheets 


  • Anticipating data facilitates predictive maintenance 
  • Process optimisation through various comparison options 
  • Increases user expertise of steam dosing 
  • Assembled product enables direct applicatio
  • Compact design 
  • Simple to install using instructions supplied with the unit 
  • Reliable, A-quality components guarantee a longer service life and minimal downtime in the production process  
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to multiple specifically positioned shut-off valves and discharge options

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