IVS supplies dosing installation to new Klaremelk production site

Klaremelk is building a new production site in Hardewijk for its own products. IVS was awarded the challenging task of engineering, manufacturing and delivering the dosing installations. Klaremelk is traditionally known as a producer of milk powder for calves. Nowadays they also develop and supply various innovative products for calves, lambs and piglets. Klaremelk is a versatile, internationally oriented family business, with decades of specialised knowledge of young animal nutrition. Key principles in this process are knowledge and quality. This combination of knowledge and extensive practical experience and a unique selection of modern ingredients and advanced production processes form the foundation of top quality products. 

Various liquid storage tanks will be installed in the new tank park. These tanks are equipped with the necessary filling, venting and overflow pipes. A stainless steel liquid intake station suitable for six liquid intake sets will be placed against the wall of the tank drainage tray. This is completely lockable using an electrically operated roller shutter. The intake sets are assembled including the in-house developed IVS intake filter, in this situation with sieve perforations of 1 and 3 mm respectively. An optical sensor will also be mounted on each intake set. This sensor uses a laser beam to detect whether the filling hose of the tanker is connected to the correct intake point.

Various liquids are transported from the tank park by pump and dosing sets to be dosed from the mixer. To enable the water to be correctly dosed at various places in the production process, a water pump unit will be installed in the pump room. This installation will be pressure operated so that one pump unit can take care of dosing at various places.

The project is scheduled to start this spring. 

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