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Paraffine dosing installation for Patent, Serbia

IVS received a nice order from Serbia on 1 August 2018. This order was for a paraffine dosing installation that we would build on a skid and then deliver. An IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) containing the paraffine would be placed on a steel frame. To avoid disrupting the dosing process, a stainless steel buffer tank with level report sensors was placed. The high level sensor indicates that the IBC container is empty and ready to be replaced by a full IBC, while the low level sensor indicates that the stainless steel buffer tank is empty. The dosing installation will automatically stop operating.


The IBC container can be connected to the buffer tank using a flexible hose with a quick-snap connection. A complete, built-on pump set was mounted on the steel frame. A liquid dispenser that was engineered in-house doses the paraffine while a mass flow meter measures the flow rate of the liquid. The 3D-animation below shows what the pump set will look like. Something we have never seen before in our sector is the surprising addition of a brightly coloured steel frame. The complete installation is now ready and was transported to our customer in Serbia in week 42.


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