Successful season for IVS RhinoRocket team

Since 2010 IVS Dosing Technology has been proud to sponsor and lend its name to the IVS RhinoRocket team. This sport guarantees quite a spectacle with screaming horsepower and roaring engines.

The last season was very successful for the IVS RhinoRocket team. The team took the Dutch championship in their class up to 8.5 tonnes and took second place at the European Championships and the NTTO competition. We asked team member Peter van den Heuvel to explain truck-pulling in a nutshell. "In truck pulling, the truck pulls a trailer for a distance of 110 meters along a specially prepared track. The trailer carries a ballast box that moves forward during the race. As resistance increases during the towing effort, it becomes increasingly difficult to move the trailer. The trick for participants lies in generating as much force (and possibly speed) as possible with their vehicle in order to pull the trailer over the 110-meter line. The participant who gets the furthest wins the race. That's the short, simple version. In practice, however, it turns out that there is much more to it. In our sport, it is all about technology. Adjustments to the engine, clutch, turbos and tire pressure are all crucial components; they make the difference between win or loss. If a tire is over- or underinflated, it can make a difference of several metres.

Time-consuming hobby

The IVS RhinoRocket team works hard during and outside of the season to balance all the elements. It almost has the feel of a professional team, but it's really 'only' a hobby for all the team members. Peter: "It's a hobby that takes up a lot of time. During the season, from April to September, we are on the road almost every weekend. Our truck dates back to the eighties; it's pretty much an old timer, in other words. It has now been fully converted. We love to fiddle with it and get the truck back in tiptop condition every week. That is why the championship is a wonderful reward for the entire team."

The importance of sponsors

Peter enthusiastically continues: "Truck pulling is an expensive sport; the budget is always completely depleted at the end of the season. Without sponsoring, it would not be possible to present a competitive truck on the track every weekend. IVS Dosing Technology has been our main and name sponsor for more than seven years. We have many things in common: good maintenance, craftsmanship, and always being on the lookout for smart solutions to get the best results. All this makes for an excellent match. It is therefore fair to say that we are extremely proud of our cooperation as a team!" 


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