Test facility for IVS Nozzle Cleaners

Two years ago, IVS started developing the IVS Nozzle Cleaner. The aim of this development was, and still is, to address a common problem in the market: preventing nozzles from clogging during liquid dosing processes, and guaranteeing a perfect spray pattern during the entire dosing time. We developed several variants and models at our production location, as well as at a selected group of customers. The result is the current version of the IVS Nozzle Cleaner.

Every IVS Nozzle Cleaner is extensively inspected and tested before leaving our premises. The Nozzle Cleaner is assembled by employees who have been specifically trained for this purpose. They know all the ins and outs of the product. Assembly is followed by an initial visual check. Next, the Nozzle Cleaners are sent to our Service & Maintenance department, where they are mounted onto a digital test unit. Here, the Nozzle Cleaners are fully tested and checked for correct operation. Once approved, all tested IVS Nozzle Cleaners are then given an individual batch number. After a final visual check, the products are ready for shipping and installed at the customer's

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