Topping out the highest point!

On Monday 4 April, the highest point of the new building was reached and celebrated with a traditional ‘topping out’ ceremony.

A delegation of directors representing all the parties closely involved in the construction project attended, such as construction company Van der Ven, Miba project management, Willems Prinssen Installatietechniek, Gedo Elektro, Leenders architects and Wouters consultancy. Mirjam Thijssen, from the municipality of Veghel, also attended the celebration of this milestone.

After a short welcome speech by the board, the two directors Hans den Otter and Frank Dielissen raised the flag at one o’clock.

All the guests (especially the most important people in this project: the construction workers) were then treated to unlimited chips and snacks prepared by mobile kitchen ‘Frietje Brabant’. With delicious ice-cream to finish with!

A tasty end to a successful day!

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