Workshop 'Working Together'

We have been in our new premises for six months now. Here, we have more space for working out creative ideas. We are continuing to grow and we are employing more new people. Our company is in full swing! We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, so teamwork is essential.  That is why we organised a workshop called 'Working Together' at the end of December. The aim of this day was to promote effective collaboration and good team awareness. One of the tasks was building a kite.The group was split into teams - each team had to build a kite. After a break, another team had to finish off the kite.You could see straight away how important it is to understand someone else's aims and objectives. In short: good communication and an understanding of what makes someone else tick are essential for working together. A month on, we can see from little things on the work floor that this training course has made an impact. We are showing more interest in each other's work and we understand each other better. People are taking the initiative to find out more about each other's work. Very soon, the office staff are due to go out onto the work floor where they will follow a course in welding given by Johnny van Oorschot and Erwin van Asperen.

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