Berntsen Diervoeders - Wehl

Liquid dosing Installations for the grinding/mixing line

Due to a growing demand for dry pet food, Berntsen Diervoeders need to add a new grinding/mixing line.
  • Wehl
  • November 2020
  • Berntsen Diervoeders


Berntsen Diervoeders specialises in the production of dry dog food. They produce this food in their own factory. Berntsen Diervoeders manufactures and sells its products in Wehl (Netherlands) nearby Doetichem. The shop located next to the production plant sells pet food for dogs, cats and rodents as well as all kinds of other animal necessities.




As a result of growth, Berntsen has decided to install a new grinding/mixing line. IVS was tasked with renovating the outdated liquid dosing system using state-of-the-art technology. The challenge was to design an easily operable and maintenance-friendly system in a limited space.


IVS will deliver and install five liquid dosing systems that run to the mixer. Four of the liquids in these systems will come from an IBC system. The IBC system will have two IBC containers stacked one on top of the other. The 1250-litre IBC on the bottom will function as a buffer tank, allowing ample time to change out the IBC on the top. A large buffer tank was selected so that production can continue through at least one evening or night shift without requiring an IBC to be changed. The fifth system to the mixer is connected to an existing storage tank. All pump systems have been equipped with a rotary gear pumps and Promass flow meters. The liquids will be dosed into the mixer through the distributors. Proper distribution promotes homogeneity in the final product and in turn, improves the quality. 

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