Coppens International

Optimisation of steam installation for the steam supply for two extruders

In recent years IVS has carried out regular maintenance works on the steam installation at Coppens International in Helmond. Coppens International Nettetal has entrusted IVS with the complete optimisation of their out-dated steam installation.
  • Nettetal Germany
  • 2017
  • Coppens International


Coppens International specialises in developing, producing, and marketing fish feeds. Coppens International comprises three sites, with its production plant located in Nettetal (Germany).



The pressure produced in the boiler room can rise to up to 10 bar. The boiler house provides steam for the production plant. Given the need to supply multiple recipients, we opted for installing a new main pipeline from the boiler house. From the main pipeline three connections were installed to the IVS steam dosing installation on the conditioner, steam injection on the extruder and steam heating on the extruder mantle.

Steam pressure was reduced to 2-3 bar to achieve the correct steam dosing. A control valve regulates the exact amount of steam on the extruder. For the conditioner and steam injection, the amount of steam is measured using a Vortex flow meter. Various condensation drain sets have been installed to increase steam quality. IVS has installed a condensation circuit for the drainage of condensation water. The cooling installation on the extruder mantle was renovated as well. 



The challenge was in re-installing the equipment into a smaller space, taking into account possible future expansion. The installation was fitted against a wall due to the lack of space.


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