De Heus Maasbracht (NL)

Press line

De Heus in Maasbracht (NL) is building a new press line so it can further increase the flexibility of its production process. We’re supplying the steam and liquid dosing installation for this project. Our assignment is to complete this project within 12 weeks.
  • Netherlands
  • Estimated: november 2019
  • De Heus Diervoerders Maasbracht


De Heus is an international company whose core activity is the manufacture and marketing of high-quality animal feeds. Since it was founded back in 1911, the company has grown from a small regional firm to one of the largest players in the Dutch compound feed industry. In the Netherlands, this growth was achieved through organic expansion and acquisitions. Thanks to this and rapid expansion outside the Netherlands, De Heus is now one of the top 15 animal feed suppliers in the world. De Heus in Maasbracht is one of the most modern poultry feed factories in the Netherlands.


The new press line allows De Heus more flexibility with its production planning. The challenge for IVS is to design, build and assemble the steam and liquid dosing installation on this completely new press line within 12 weeks. This process, from assignment to delivery, normally takes a lot longer. In order to complete the new press line in time, the activities must be logically planned with clear coordination between all those involved, such as Actemium.   


An IVS steam dosing apparatus is being fitted to the conditioner to guarantee optimum conditioning of the pressed flour. The amount of steam added will be controlled by a temperature sensor in the conditioner and a steam flow meter in the steam dosing system. The fats, oils and enzymes to the coater are connected to existing ring circuits. The ring circuits were installed 5 years ago by IVS, and preparations made for expansion with an extra circuit at that time. The enzymes (microdosing) are mixed with water in an IVS micro-component dosing cabinet to form a homogeneous liquid, and dosed on the coater. The dosages of fats and oils to the coater are controlled by liquid distributors above the coater via dosing apparatus in a heated cabinet, which includes Promass flow meters.


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