Expansion of existing tank park Vobra petfood Veghel

Vobra Petfood in Veghel.

Vobra Petfood has commissioned IVS to adapt, place and connect two stainless steel tanks to their existing dosing installations.
  • Veghel
  • april 2017
  • Vobra Petfood


Vobra Special Petfoods specialises in the production of high-end extruded or pressed dog and cat food. Apart from their own brands, Vobra also produces for private-label clients. 


Manholes were installed in both tanks, as well as filling, overflow and return connections. Subsequently our own insulation facilities employees applied stone wool to insulate the tanks. Next, aluminium sheets were placed on top of the insulation material, and radar meters and level switches were mounted in the tanks. The reservoirs are heated by  two convectors placed at the base of the skirt of each reservoir. In week 17 IVS will re-install and further connect the tanks at the factory site.


The tanks were initially dismantled at the VOBRA factory in Veghel and transported to the IVS Technology premises, where we carried out the various adaptations for both tanks in our workshop.

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