IVS dosing installations for Montego Pet nutrition in South Africa

Earlier this year, the South-African engineering firm Dalein Agriplanput in a request to IVS for the calculation and engineering of a project for one of their clients.
  • Montego Pet Nutrition
  • September 2017
  • Dalein Agriplan


It concerned several dosing installations for the South-African pet food manufacturer, Montego Pet Nutrition. 


Montego Pet nutrition works with five different fluids, including oil, fats and several enzymes. A proposed new Wynveen coating unit will dispense these fluids. IVS will deliver the following:

  • fluid intake set
  • tank connections (Montego has its own tanks)
  • mixing apparatus and heating elements for liquid storage tanks
  • pumping units
  • flow meter / dosing lines
  • complete IBC pumping sets
  • liquid distributors including connections for the coating unit



In order to obtain a clear picture of the project, Hans den Otter, technical director at IVS and Willem de Vaan, Sales director at Wynveen International BV, travelled to South Africa to assess and discuss the project. This visit and our detailed estimate led eventually to a very nice order for IVS in South Africa. 

In our workplace, we are currently adding the finishing touches so that everything can be delivered on time.The first two containers will be shipped to South Africa at the beginning of September. 


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