IVS liquid dosing installation for adding liquid tallow

to bird food for CJ Wildlife

The request from the English company CJ Wildbirds, has taken IVS into an entirely different branch of activity than our usual tried and trusted compound feed industry. At its production location in Upton (United Kingdom), CJ Wildbirds produces bird food and related products, e.g. fat balls for garden birds.
  • United Kingdom
  • 2020
  • CJ Wildbird


CJ Wildbirds is part of CJ Wildlife and it has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality bird food. The range is developed in collaboration with ornithologists and in-house researchers. IVS, with its high-quality liquid dosing applications, has become part of the production process to convert the best quality raw materials into a top-class end product. The high standard of the bird food and related products ensures an extremely high level of popularity among consumers.

The product is available through specialist pet shops, as well as online. An increasing number of branches are using innovative IVS dosing solutions. The CJ Wildbirds order is a perfect fit with our growth strategy at IVS. The company came to IVS because the application of liquid dosing in the production process at CJ Wildbirds has many similarities with the applications used in the compound feed industry.


The CJ Wildbirds assignment involves engineering, manufacturing, supplying and assembling a dosing installation to handle tallow. The plant is used for bird peanut butter production, in which liquid tallow is one of the raw materials. This raw material is used to produce fat balls that are suitable for feeding garden birds.





In this assignment we are reusing two already existing stainless-steel tanks. In our setup for this assignment, these function as communicating vessels. Both are heated by a central heating system that includes all the necessary safety measures, which is prefabricated in the IVS production hall. This also applies to all other installation parts to be supplied. These include an intake set, an insulated pump set, and a heated and insulated transport container. Preserving heat and processing tallow under a constant temperature is very important in this production process. The insulation and installation of the sheet metal work is mostly prepared in Veghel by our insulation department staff. All the parts will be transported to Upton very soon. IVS technicians will install all the prefabricated installation parts at the required locations on site. IVS installation technicians and TIG welders will handle installation of all the necessary piping. It is not yet entirely clear when the installation will be commissioned, because it is not yet possible to send our technicians to England due to the corona issues.

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