IVS Liquid dosing installations for NV Voeders Ostyn in Roeselare (B)

In order to further its strategy towards an internationally competitive compound feedstuffs business, Voeders Ostyn is building a new production tower in its current factory.
  • Roeselare (B)
  • Spring 2018
  • NV Voeders Ostyn


Voeders Ostyn is a medium-sized family business that was founded in 1959 and is geared towards the production of meal feeds for independent pig farmers. With the construction of a new production tower, this producer is also targeting the production of compound feedstuffs for other animals.









The new production tower will be fitted with new machines, installations, equipment and ICT infrastructure. This will ensure thorough innovation in the current production process of meal feeds, while the new construction also enables the production of pelletised foods and diversification into other feed markets. IVS was approached for the optimal dosing of various liquids in the mixing process. We were also asked to think along about new applications to help Voeders Ostyn become future proof.



The project will be executed in two phases. Initially, the new liquid dosing installations will be connected to the existing storage tanks. During the second phase, a brand-new tank park will be built. Voeders Ostyn also has confidence in the use of IVS Nozzle Cleaners to reduce the risk of blockage in the nozzles, and to make liquid drips in the mixers a thing of the past. All liquid dosing installations will therefore be fitted with IVS Nozzle Cleaners.


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