IVS steam and liquid dosing installations for Gebrs. Fuite

Factory mixers equipped with IVS Nozzle Cleaners

Gebrs. Fuite are currently building their fourth compound feedstuffs factory in Genemuiden. This factory, for the production of feed for white meat, will be executed with steam and liquid dosing installations by IVS Dosing Technology.
  • Genemuiden
  • Spring 2018
  • Gebrs. Fuite


Innovation, sharing knowledge and personal, sustainable relationships are the key concepts that uniquely define Gebrs. Fuite. This family business, in which several generations are active, was founded in 1906 and is proud of its distinction, in recent years, as purveyor to the royal household. They are currently building their new compound feedstuffs factory in Genemuiden.



IVS is supplying the steam and liquid dosing installations for this new, innovative factory. Steam is indispensable for a high-quality end result in compound feedstuffs. Proper conditioning improves the release of starch, which increases production capacity and lowers processing costs. Dosing liquids in the mixer becomes even more efficient thanks to IVS Nozzle Cleaners. This innovative product prevents delays and production downtime as a result of blockages. A small needle is inserted into each nozzle after use to prevent blockages.


The mixers of the two press lines are equipped with IVS steam injection sets, in order to guarantee optimal conditioning of the compacted meal. The toaster and dryer are also connected to the steam installation. The liquids for the compound feedstuffs mixer are dosed into the mixer with our new innovation, the IVS Nozzle Cleaner. The second mixer, for mixing milk powder, is also equipped with IVS nozzles–with air support, because liquids should be misted over the product using the smallest drop size possible.

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