New liquid tank pit for ABZ in Eindhoven

Realisation of tank park with ten storage tanks and pipe bridge

IVS collaborated with Tebodin Consulting and Engineering on a project for ABZ Dierenvoeding, animal feed producers in Eindhoven. The aim was to improve the quality of pig and poultry feeds. A completely new liquids park and corresponding pump room were realised.
  • Eindhoven
  • october 2016
  • ABZ Diervoeding


ABZ Animal Feed was created in January 2013 following a merger the between Cooperatives Arkervaart-Twente U.A. and Brameco-Z.O.N. U.A. ABZ produces animal feeds at five specialised production locations. Pig and poultry feeds are produced in the plant in Eindhoven. 


IVS Dosing Technology has realised a new liquids park with ten storage tanks for ABZ Animal Feed Eindhoven. The tank park contains six new storage tanks with a capacity of 80m³. Four existing tanks were also relocated. In the future, the liquids park will be extended to a total of eighteen tanks. The pipework and the electric tracing for the future eight tanks is already in place. We have installed two stainless steel filling stations; both are suitable for nine reception and vapour return lines.  

We also designed and completed work in two brand new pump rooms. One room, used for products that tend to solidify, is heated to a temperature of 45ºC.  In both rooms, all pumps stand on their own stainless steel support construction with a removable stainless steel drip containment tray fitted with a leak detector. The pipeline contains various liquids necessary for the mixer, coater and the main mixer. The pipeline runs from the pump rooms to the production plant via the new pipe bridge.



This project presented a number of challenges. During the relocation of the tank park, there was  no room for idle time. Thanks to close consultation with ABZ Animal Feed and the other parties involved, the whole project proceeded without a hitch. It was also quite a puzzle to integrate the pipework for the liquids conveniently. The entire tank park is fitted with walkways and platforms to facilitate access and inspection. ABZ’s production plant is ready for the future!

This project was realised in close collaboration with Tebodin, Van den Hout- Installatie, De Visser Bouw & Onderhoud B.V, Hoppenbrouwers, Baetsen and Reyimpo.

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