Range of installations for Schuite & Schuite's new production plant

IVS secures order for printing ink producer Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH.
  • Amt Wachsenburg
  • september 2017
  • Schuite & Schuite


Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH is one of the major printing ink producers in Germany. The company is located in Amt Wachsenburg.


This is certainly a very interesting project for IVS as we have never worked in this particular sector before. It is therefore a welcome addition to our list of clients.

IVS will be carrying out a range of installation work in a newly constructed production plant.

This work includes the summary below;

  • pipework to fill the oil tanks
  • vapour recovery oil tanks
  • mineral oil pump installation
  • soya oil pump installation
  • pump installation from let down tanks to ink storage tanks
  • trailer filling installation
  • mounting  tank drain valves


As Schuite & Schuite is located in Germany, and the project has a very short lead time, action had to be taken to ensure compliance with German regulations and legislation.

We approached Nedubex to deal with these formalities. Nedubex offers specialised support to companies in the tender stage, the contractual phase, and during work preparation, execution and completion of projects.

We have already started the preparatory work at our own production site and hope to have completed our installation activities in early September.

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