Enzyme dosing installation commissioned by Van Aarsen machinefabriek B.V. for customer in Russia.

We have received a nice order from Van Aarsen Machinefabriek B.V.(link) for project in Russia to supply two enzyme dosing installations suitable for continuous dosing on three coater lines. Read more information about this project here.

Van Aarsen Machinefabriek B.V. from Panheel has been a highly valued customer of IVS since the 1980s. Van Aarsen develops, produces and sells machines for animal feed production and constructs turn-key production plants all over the world. Almost 90% of the company's total turnover is achieved internationally. 

In 1984, IVS, in collaboration with Van Aarsen, started supplying the first fat spray dosing installations that dosed the liquid medium directly onto the pellets coming out of the pellet die. In later years these installations increased in size and complexity, partly due to changing legislation and regulations.

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